Javascript Library for dynamic element creation

d-element.js is a javascript library I have created. With the help of it you can easily create dynamic elements, in just one line. Try it!

Required: d-element.js




     This has identical syntax as of jQuery. ‘div’ here is selector which selects all the div tags.
     addelement method takes three arguments of which first is required and null can be given in other two.


  •     Only element(ex: div), id(ex: .id), class(ex: #class) can be used as selector for now, element under which element has to be created.
  •     First argument of addelement is required which is the element to be created.
  •     Second argument if given should be associative array, it is for the attributes of the element to be created.
  •     Third argument is data, if any string to be inserted. It can be a string having other html elements.
  •     Check console for error logs.

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