🌆 Two Types of Economies

Before going through this post, I suggest reading History of Money and Economy which explains economy in general and sets the scope and context in which this post is written. Everything explained below is through my mental model and my understanding of the economy. We have been debating capitalism and communism for over a century… Continue reading 🌆 Two Types of Economies

🏦 Bitcoin for Banks and Governments

Bitcoin is amazing piece of technology but this post is not about what it is but what it can be and might become. The greatest thing that Bitcoin has pulled off is establishing Trust in an anonymous system, which becomes more and more trustworthy as more people(nodes) become part of the system. There are two… Continue reading 🏦 Bitcoin for Banks and Governments

Everything Bitcoin

Before we understand Bitcoin, I insist that you read this post which explains Money in great detail. Without having the understanding of it, the idea of Bitcoin cannot be understood completely. There are a million articles, op-eds, videos and podcasts which talk about Bitcoin. And here is another one but my version of understanding of… Continue reading Everything Bitcoin

💰 History of Money and Economy

First is Money 💬 Jeah: Can I get some apples 🍎 ? Leah: I want wheat 🌾 in exchange, do you have it? Jeah: Ummm… I have some sheep 🐑 , will that work? Leah: No! I have them farm full. Sorry! 😐 Jeah: 😢 This 👆 is how barter system used to work a… Continue reading 💰 History of Money and Economy