Story of Memcached

One MemcacheClass to rule them all, One MemcacheClass to find them, One MemcacheClass to bring them all and in the RAMs bind them. Below is a story I found on memcached. It is an amazing story how memcache work. Two plucky adventurers, Programmer and Sysadmin, set out on a journey. Together they make websites. Websites… Continue reading Story of Memcached

PHP Data Object: How to

With reference to previous post on PDO. Here is a small tutorial and explanation for connecting to database using PDO object. I recommend using PDO as it is more structured way to connect to database rather than doing it by self plus the general functions like mysql_connect are to be deprecated in upcoming versions of… Continue reading PHP Data Object: How to

PDO: PHP Data Object

There are different ways of connecting to database in PHP. The most general way in use is MySQL extension, which we have discussed here and even everywhere. Well there are two other ways of connecting to database. First one is MySQLi and other is PDO. Now, question is what is the difference? So, the difference… Continue reading PDO: PHP Data Object

Fetching from database using PHP

If you have database, then of course you will need to fetch data out of it. Four methods are described below to fetch from database and whats the difference between them. Required: PHP, MySQL. Using: SQL table PHP query: PHP fetch functions: Note: All parameters are not defined here but are explained below. Explanation: Methods… Continue reading Fetching from database using PHP