Wolfram Alpha: Its OMG

Wolfram Alpha was launched in May’09. Its not a search engine, its “answer” engine. It was made by Wolfram research, founded by Stephen Wolfram( child prodigy I must say, read about him on wikipedia ), a mathematician and physicist. This site is amazing, it is an online service that answers factual queries directly by computing… Continue reading Wolfram Alpha: Its OMG

Pinterest: New buzz

Pinterest is a new website launched in March’10. Instead of going the traditional way, it used people’s interest as its base. Login is by invite only for now. You can pin your interests, see and re-pin other people’s interest, follow people having same interest. It do not give the social experience which Facebook gives but… Continue reading Pinterest: New buzz

Cool front page

There is a site on internet  We Are Empire. This site has pretty cool front page. Page is pretty descriptive too plus it don’t irritate the user by reloading for new content. Some other site like this which I personally liked is Nike‘s nike better world site. It takes a little while to load but every… Continue reading Cool front page