About I Wonder

Many of my friends have questioned me about the name of the blog. What kind of technical blog is named I Wonder?
To answer the question, I am Harry Potter movie fan. There was a scene when Harry Potter went into wand store to buy his first wand. When storekeeper found the wand for Harry he exclaimed in astonishment ‘I Wonder’. That scene has imprinted on my mind ever since I have watched it. 🙂


Another question that is being thrown at me. Why I write blog?
Well, I like to share my knowledge of things that I have learnt. By writing about the ideas and concepts about the technology it settles in my head and as a result I also get better understanding of it. Another reason for my writing a blog is I have came across many difficulties while trying things like making a website, learning new things etc. and finding solution was literally a headache. So I thought of helping others by writing it down. In order to reach larger crowd I write in simple words and try not to miss important points while explaining.