All new HTML- HTML5

HTML 5 has come up with some super cool tags, which makes things(coding) easier and reduces the use of third party applications(flash, Adobe is going to launch Adobe Edge in near future which generates code in jQuery, HTML 5, CSS). Here are some of the tags which are revolutionary. iframe: It is not related to… Continue reading All new HTML- HTML5

Creating HTML elements dynamically

There are times when we want to create HTML elements on the page, result of a certain action. Below is explained how to do that using Javascript. I have written a javascript which you can download. Please read “README” before using it. Required: Javascript, HTML. Using: The javascript code for this is: HTML code for this is:… Continue reading Creating HTML elements dynamically

Fetching from database using PHP

If you have database, then of course you will need to fetch data out of it. Four methods are described below to fetch from database and whats the difference between them. Required: PHP, MySQL. Using: SQL table PHP query: PHP fetch functions: Note: All parameters are not defined here but are explained below. Explanation: Methods… Continue reading Fetching from database using PHP

Comparing timestamp in MySQL

We often use timestamps in databases. In fact people often use it to make session keys. Comparing timestamp is also often required when detecting any change in database. That’s too much often. 😛 Required: MySQL Using: Table defination SQL query Explantion: This query selects id from table where jointime is greater than 2011-10-08. Note: Timestamp… Continue reading Comparing timestamp in MySQL

Cool front page

There is a site on internet  We Are Empire. This site has pretty cool front page. Page is pretty descriptive too plus it don’t irritate the user by reloading for new content. Some other site like this which I personally liked is Nike‘s nike better world site. It takes a little while to load but every… Continue reading Cool front page

Jquery post method for JSON in php files

jQuery is the awesomest thing I have came across so far. It makes things so easy one can easily understand why upon seeing example below. “post” method of jQuery is frequently used by many sites even Facebook and Google. You must have seen that log-in to Gmail doesn’t redirect/reload and tells you that username or… Continue reading Jquery post method for JSON in php files